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Great game! Would love to see it advance into a full game beyond the Game Jam!

Hi turpitron,

Just wanted to give some feedback on your game since you took the time to play ours. :)

This is a really cool concept!

It's one of those crushingly difficult games, reminding me of the good ol' retro days, that you just have to keep playing until you get better at it!

I can definitely see this being expanded into a full-fledged game. With some alternate game modes, powers and achievements, you can get even more people checking this out!

I have a good feeling that Mark is going to add this to his top 20 for this game jam! Simple. Innovative. And it is an interesting take on platformers + shmups. It has legs!

Great job on getting this done in 48 hours! :D


Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate you taking the time to give some feedback!


Neet idea. I agree with the other commentors in that it is too hard.

Solid ground on the bottom would probably help to increase the time one can stay alive. You still lose progress by missing a jump but it is not an immediate game over. I also think it would still count as "only one" as only one plattform (in air) is active at a time.

Cool idea, nevertheless!


Moving forward I definitely want to work on the difficulty curve, working the player up to harder challenges and I think having a floor wouldbe a great way to that.

Thanks for the feedback!


G R E A T concept, way too challenging. a ton of adjustment to the physics, and the level layout, could definitely take this game to the next level. Very nice!

Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback. I think moving forward I definitely want to elaborate on the level design and improve the difficulty curve so it can be more accessible.

Looking forward to it. Also, if you have the time, I would def. appreciate it if you gave me some feedback on my game, and perhaps also rate it :)


Sure thing!


This is a fun concept, but I think the level design makes things too challenging. I think I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if it was about getting to a certain location on the screen rather than accumulating points by collecting coins. I thought the enemies were a nice variation, but it would have been nice if I had had some time to adjust to the basic movement mechanics before the enemies started swarming in.

Again, I really like the concept and the platforming controls feel tight and dynamic. I think the level design, enemy placement, and the goal of the game could use some work, though. Nice job! Rated 4/5


Neat concept! Very fun and challenging, and I think the screen shake is a nice touch.

A few bugs I noticed: You regain the ability to jump upon touching a platform, even when from below, allowing me to make some jumps that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Also, there's a chance that the coin spawns in the same place it was previously, giving two points for being in the same place, which I don't think was intended.


Love it! Great concept executed very well. Extremely difficult though